Medical House Call Consultations: Routine and Emergency

Colic, foalings, lacerations, skin disease, respiratory conditions, eye conditions.

Lameness Evaluations

A lameness consultation may involve examination with hoof testers, flexion tests, local anaesthetic nerve blocks and x rays or ultrasound of tendons or ligaments.

Powerfloat Equine Dentistry

BFP horse dentistry

X –Ray Diagnostics


Pre-purchase Examinations

When looking to buy a horse or pony please arrange a Veterinary health check prior to purchase. You will need to obtain written consent from the vendor before a PrePurchase Examination can be conducted.

Hendra Virus Vaccinations

These vaccinations must be administered by a Veterinarian only.

Reproductive Ultrasound

This valuable tool involves imaging or “scanning” the ovaries and uterus of your mare to diagnose reproductive health problems, to improve the timing of breeding and detect and manage twin pregnancies.

Artificial Insemination

This involves using chilled or frozen semen to achieve a pregnancy in your mare. The advantages are well known and include access to bloodlines from around the world and avoiding transportation of your valuable mare to visit a stallion as well as infection control.

Embryo Transfer

Do you have a mare that you would love to breed with but are worried about the risk of foaling? Or would breeding your mare interrupt your competition program? Embryo transfer may be the solution. This involves the non surgical transfer of a microscopic 8 day old pregnancy from your mare into a surrogate/recipient mare. If you are interested in more information regarding this procedure please contact us.

Australian Stud Book Foal Registrations


Dry needling acupuncture is commonly used to manage back pain in performance and pleasure horses. Does your horse show the following signs when ridden? Head tossing, poor concentration, unable to keep a straight line, tail swishing, bucking in the canter or when asking for canters transition, slow out of barriers or resentment when tightening the girth? If so then back pain may be the cause. We take an holistic approach to this common problem by incorporating acupuncture, chiropractic manipulations and saddle fit to alleviate these symptoms.


“Good Stallions make great geldings” We perform surgical castrations either standing or under short general anaesthetic.

Freeze Branding

When foals are weaned they are commonly branded with a registered symbol and numbers for identification and registration purposes. The branding irons are cooled in liquid nitrogen and applied to the skin for 20 seconds and often with light sedation as restraint.